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Bloodborne The Old Hunters Infos Videos

The Old Hunters Waffen

    Amygdalan Arm
    Beasthunter Saif
    Beast Cutter
    Boom Hammer
    Church Pick
    Holy Moonlight Sword
    Kos Parasite
    Simon's Bowblade
    Whirligig Saw


    Church Cannon
    Fist of Gratia
    Gatling Gun
    Piercing Rifle
    Loch Shield

Hunter Tools

    Blacksky Eye

The Old Hunters Armor

    Butcher Set
    Constable Set
    Old Hunter Set
    Decorative Old Hunter Set
    Yamamura's Set
    Maria Hunter Set
    Harrowed Set
    Brador's Set
    Enlarged Head

The Old Hunters Locations

    The Hunter's Nightmare
    Research Hall
    Fishing Hamlet
    Astral Clock Tower

The Old Hunters Bosses

    Ludwig, The Holy Blade
    Orphan of Kos
    Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
    Living Failures
    Laurence, the First Vicar

The Old Hunters NPCs

    Harrowed Hunter
    Old Hunter Yamamura
    Saint Adeline

The Old Hunters Items

- Caryll Runes

    Guidance - Caryll Runes
    Beast's Embrace - Covenants & Caryll Runes
    Milkweed - Covenants & Caryll Runes

- Key Items

    Astral Clocktower Key
    Balcony Key
    Celestial Dial
    Eye Pendant
    Firing Hammer Badge
    Laurence's Skull
    Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key
    Underground Cell Key
    Old Hunter Bell

- Consumables

    Delayed Molotov
    Delayed Rope Molotov


Bloodborne: Old Hunters - Ludwig the Accursed / Holy Blade [BOSS]

Bilder: From Software, Bloodborne

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