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Black Ops 2: Official Map List Leaked!
 "Chinese Supercarrier. Open engagements on the deck, with great close quarter fights through the hull."

 "Port of Singapore. Good for close quarters engagements and verticality."

 "Hidden drone facility in the heart of the Mynamar jungles. Great long engagements down the center, fun close quarter fights through the facility."

 "Los Angeles bullet train station. Good long to medium engagements up and down the bullet train tracks."

 "Luxurious super yacht. Frantic, yet controlled close quarters engagements."

 "Set in a ruined downtown Los Angeles after an invasion"

 "Pakistan nuclear power plant. Battle for control of the nuclear cooling tower and the surrounding facilities."

 "Floating resort in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Tight corners and angles throughout."

 "Peshawar, Pakistan. Great urban engagements in the flooded streets."

 "Fight through this hillside mansion, in the Hollywood Hills. Hectic close quarters engagements."

 "Run down section of Panama. Great close quarters engagements and tough chokes to fight over."

 "Urban streets of Yemen. Tight alleys and close quarters engagements."

 "Wind farm in the steep hills of Yemen. Fight across the different tiers and angles."

 "Border town between China and Kyrgyzstan. Classic engagements and destinations to fight over."


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