Grand Theft Auto 6 - DF Direct GTA 6 Special - Trailer 1 Tech Breakdown

Grand Theft Auto 6 - DF Direct GTA 6 Special - Trailer 1 Tech Breakdown

The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 has 'dropped', sparking interest not only among regular players but also those with GTA modded accounts, curious about the new possibilities the game will offer. Is what we've seen here viable on current-gen consoles in real-time? Is there any evidence of hardware-accelerated ray tracing effects? How do the characters and hair rendering look so good? And is 60fps on PS5/Series X and an Xbox Series S port actually viable? Subscribe for more Digital Foundry: Join the DF Patreon to support the team more directly and to get access to everything we do via pristine quality downloads: Want some DF-branded tee-shirts, mugs, hoodies and more? Check out our store: For commercial enquiries, please contact 00:00 Introduction 01:53 Is the trailer real-time? 07:13 Ray traced global illumination 11:10 Ray traced reflections 17:04 Shadows and hair 23:50 Character rendering 26:30 Could consoles hit 60fps? 30:50 Closing discussion

Videoquelle: Rockstar | Auch interessant: Die Lösung zu Super Mario RPG Remake für Switch


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