DF Retro: Daytona USA 2 Comes To Consoles - Sega Model 3 Finally Emulated + Fighting Vipers 2!

DF Retro: Daytona USA 2 Comes To Consoles - Sega Model 3 Finally Emulated + Fighting Vipers 2!

Sega Model 3 emulation never officially happened... until now. In a DF Retro special, John Linneman examines Model 3 emulation found within Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased his name. Daytona USA 2 and Fighting Vipers 2 are the emulated titles in question, with AM2's classic racer stacked up against the OG arcade version and Supermodel PC emulation. Meanwhile, Fighting Vipers 2 on Dreamcast takes on Like a Dragon's Model 3 emulation. The port is renowned for its accuracy, but does it deserve the accolades? Subscribe for more Digital Foundry: Join the DF Patreon to support the team more directly and to get access to everything we do via pristine quality downloads: Want some DF-branded tee-shirts, mugs, hoodies and more? Check out our store: For commercial enquiries, please contact 00:00 - Introduction 01:42 - 1996 - The Year of Model 3 03:11 - Daytona Returns 04:21 - The Competition 08:06 - Mitsuyoshi vs Dennis 09:35 - Daytona Arrives in Like A Dragon 10:31 - Like A Dragon Comparisons w/ Real Hardware 13:04 - Supermodel - The PC Emulator 17:51 - Daytona USA 2001 on Dreamcast 20:21 - Fighter Vipers 2 22:12 - FV2 Comparisons with Dreamcast 25:18 - Daytona USA 3

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