PRISON CITY Teaser Trailer (Coming 2023)

PRISON CITY Teaser Trailer (Coming 2023)

Wishlist today on Steam: http://bit.ly/3X4nhCC Or visit the website and Itch.io page: http://bit.ly/3GmCKIt Cancel your retirement and grab your chakram — because it’s time to get back in the game! As former cop Hal Bruzer, accept the Chief’s plea to raid Prison City’s security zones and end the Techno-Terrorists’ reign. Inspired by NES action titles, Prison City is a side-scrolling dystopian experience exploding with tight mechanics, intricate level design, and a satisfying narrative. "You are the only one qualified for this mission, Hal. Will you accept it?" Developed and Published by Retroware https://retroware.com/ https://twitter.com/retroware Programmed by Programancer https://twitter.com/Programancer https://programancer.itch.io/ NEW to Retroware?? --- We are a collective of skilled, international developers, artists, and creatives working together on video games, rad swag, and arcade machines. We love providing retro-inspired gaming experiences as well as producing modern, carefully-crafted titles and merchandise without compromise. We’ve always been an Internet name synonymous with linking the past to present-day entertainment. But now, Retroware aims to be Today’s Source for Tomorrow’s Classics! #Retroware #PrisonCity #indiegame

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