1000xRESIST - Game Reveal Trailer

1000xRESIST - Game Reveal Trailer

1000xRESIST: a hyper-cinematic, narrative adventure coming to PC and Switch in 2023! Wishlist it today: ?? https://bit.ly/1KXRSteam Relive the memories of a god. Reclaim your legacy across time. RESIST a thousand-year-old lie. The year is unknown and the air is unbreathable. All that remains are you and your sisters, living under the shadow of a mysterious disease, cloning one another into eternity. In the safety of the Garden, survival is simple. Stay inside. Serve your function. Obey the ALLMOTHER. You are a CLONE. Your name and function: WATCHER. You relive the memories of the ALLMOTHER and uphold her glory. When your closest sister, FIXER, comes to you with a dangerous rumour... You phase through time and discover a devastating truth: someone has tampered with history. Will you save your sisterhood? Or burn it to the ground?

Bilder: Fellow Traveller - Auch interessant: Die Komplettlösung zu Return to Monkey Island


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