Starfield | Xbox Series S/X - PC | Graphics Comparison | Analista De Bits

Starfield | Xbox Series S/X - PC | Graphics Comparison | Analista De Bits

Xbox Series S: 1440p | 30fps reconstructed with FSR from common 900p Xbox Series X: 2160p | 30fps reconstructed with FSR from common 1440p PC: Max. Settings | 4K with FSR reconstructed from 1620p | RTX 4080 | i9 12900K | 32GB DDR5 | SSD NVME M2 - Buy Starfield at Instant-Gaming with discounts on Xbox & Steam: https://www.instant-gaming.com/es/14350-comprar-starfield-digital-premium-edition-acceso-anticipado-digital-premium-edition-pc-juego-steam/?igr=analistadebits - Xbox Series S/X has only one display mode. Both versions use FSR and their framerate is locked at 30fps. - At some demanding points, Series S has some dropouts and tearing, but nothing too severe. In any case, both versions suffer from tearing at times, although the overall experience is solid. - The settings on both consoles are very similar to the high settings on PC. Series S has lower draw distance, terrain geometry, shadows, anisotropic filtering, textures and post-processing effects with respect to Series X. - The PC version has better shadows, anisotropic filtering, draw distance and some small improvements in texturing and post-processing effects, but the differences are really small with respect to the console version. - One of the points to highlight about the improvements applied to Creation Engine 2 is the lighting. - Load times with an NVME M2 SSD on PC are quite a bit faster compared to consoles. X Series is slightly faster than S Series this time. - The PC version suffers from a small graphical bug in the water that does not show the character's trajectory correctly. - The terrain and layout of some planets shows differences between all versions (07:37) probably due to a random generation system. - FSR becomes completely necessary because we can suffer drops up to 30fps on an RTX 4080 in Ultra quality at 4K. - The absence of DLSS has a visible impact on performance for Nvidia graphics cards. Hopefully in the future AMD will reconsider the situation and allow it to be added. - Despite the absence of 60fps on consoles, Starfield offers one of the strongest experiences Bethesda has given us at launch. On PC, I find it to be overly demanding on higher settings. - You'll have another video coming soon focusing on the PC versions with 10 different graphics, Steam Deck and ROG Ally.

Videoquelle: Bethesda | Auch interessant: Komplettlösung zu Sea of Stars


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