Soulframe Preludes: Gameplay

Soulframe Preludes: Gameplay

Washed ashore on the northern isle of Midrath, A new adventure begins. Omen beasts in Ode’n chain bellow in mourning. The voicing trees sag ‘long tortured streams. The worldflesh of Alca splits with rage. Who will find the Silvern Seas and awaken our Ancestors? Who will learn the melodies of soul unbinding, And break the gaunting spellsong? Who will hold in their heart the wanderers, the wild, the world? You will, Envoy. Join us, won’t you? Reserve your Envoy Title and Claim your Alca’s Eye on Launch: https://www.soulframe.com https://www.twitter.com/playsoulframe https://www.instagram.com/playsoulframe

Soulframe Preludes: Gameplay Spotlight

It began as song, pitched sweet and solemn… And they that heard, 'came, hollow, fallen… Gather round, Envoys. A new adventure begins. Soulframe is an upcoming game from Digital Extremes and the creative minds behind Warframe, with a heavy focus on themes of nature, restoration, and history in a brand-new world. Join us, won’t you? Reserve your Envoy Title and claim your Alca’s Eye on launch: https://www.soulframe.com https://www.twitter.com/playsoulframe https://www.instagram.com/playsoulframe

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