PAYDAY 3: Gamescom Trailer

PAYDAY 3: Gamescom Trailer

Take a first look at the Port Jersey heist of PAYDAY 3. One of the many new missions you'll take on in the next installment of the PAYDAY series. Hundreds of millions of goods are shipped throughout the US every day. Port Jersey, being a nave of shipping for a lot of the east coast, has some particularly valuable goods going through it if you know where to look. Our new contact Mac, has put us on the trail of some highly valuable quantum processors being sent through the Roger Wilson Shipping Company. Get in, keep the processors cool, and get out. Pre-order PAYDAY 3 here: https://www.paydaythegame.com/payday3 You can find a lot of relevant links to social media and others here: https://pd3.link/tree

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