Jitsu Squad - Blasting Onto Consoles Soon

Jitsu Squad - Blasting Onto Consoles Soon! (ESRB)

JItsu Squad is blasting onto consoles in Q4 2022. Jump into wacky-chaotic battles with lightning-fast, yet accessible gameplay in this unique 2D action-brawler. Master the battlefield by levelling up your warriors into true legends and use their unique special moves and weapons to take down the wicked sorcerer and save the galaxy! Features: - Lightning-fast, adrenaline-tingling battles - 4 playable characters with unique upgrade options, secondary weapons and character transformations - 100+ chain-combos, infinite juggles and Epic Super Specials - Tons of unique enemies to slay and 8 different planets to save - Up to 4-player local couch co-op fun - Tag team mode: team up with a friend and choose up to 2 characters each - Original tunes by Crush 40 singer Johnny Gioei, famous for the iconic SONIC The Hedgehog music - Fighting game input commands for a 90s throwback

Bilder: ININ Games


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