GTA VI - Unreal Engine 5 Amazing Showcase l Concept Trailer

GTA VI - Unreal Engine 5 Amazing Showcase l Concept Trailer

GTA 6 Exclusive "Teaserplay" Concept Trailer Made in Unreal Engine 5 We all know that GTA is under development and soon we will see its official announcement, it is said that the game will be made with a new version of the RAGE Engine and it wants to challenge the Unreal engine 5 directly. In this video, we tried to bring a wide showcase of the environments in Unreal Engine 5 that we may see in the game. According to the reports, the game will initially take place in Vice City, and other maps like Liberty City, San Fierro, Las Ventures will be added to it in the future. Iwe use the most powerful features of Unreal Engine, such as ray tracing, lumen, Nanite, Screen Space Reflections and Metahuman so that the graphics are as close as possible to a next-gen sandbox game. Unreal Engine 5 is Powerful Engine that going to be used to make many PS5 and Xbox Series X|S games ??* Rockstar Disclaimer: This is not a Game, it's just a Concept (Fan-Made) trailer to show the power of Unreal Engine 5 and we have no plans to release this * also special Thanks to creative artists, Tav Shande, Brushify, Archviz by @TeaserPlay

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