HYENAS Official Announce Trailer

HYENAS Official Announce Trailer

Watch the Announce Trailer for HYENAS, a new multiplayer sci-fi FPS from Creative Assembly, the studio behind Alien: Isolation and the Total War series. Team up with your pack to steal priceless pop culture loot from the Mars billionaires and rival crews. Sign up for the alpha at https://www.playhyenas.com/alpha Earth is gone, the rich have colonised Mars and the rest of humanity is living their worst life in The Taint, a giant orbiting slum. While humanity is trying to survive, the Mars billionaires are more worried about fulfilling their nostalgic dreams. Plunderships, massive retail spacecrafts dedicated to selling salvaged pop-culture artefacts from Earth, our artefacts, at space-high prices to satisfy their desires. We, an unlikely pack of talented robbers, hit the Mars elite where it hurts most: their stuff A.K.A. OUR stuff. They call us 'HYENAS'. We get in, empty some clips into their security clones and other ""preventative measures"", steal all the best stuff then get out. Exploding a clone in zero gravity is kind of messy, but as long as we make it out with the merch it’s worth it. So, you in? Find out more at: https://www.playhyenas.com/ https://www.facebook.com/PlayHyenas https://www.instagram.com/playhyenas/ https://twitter.com/playhyenas https://www.reddit.com/r/PlayHyenas/

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