GTA III Remake - Unreal Engine 5 Amazing Showcase | Concept Trailer

GTA III Remake - Unreal Engine 5 Amazing Showcase | Concept Trailer

ok GTA III in Unreal Engine 5 | What the Definitive Edition version should have been! Recreation of Liberty City From GTA III in Unreal Engine 5 Exclusively by TeaserPlay, I used Lumen for rendering and my point in making this video was to show how powerful Unreal Engine 5 is for making sandbox games and what the remaster version of GTA 3 should look like also thanks to Hossein Diba, i used his wonderful 3D Artwork of Claude Speed Remake in my video, I mentioned his channel: https://youtube.com/c/HosseinDiba ??I have also made the concept trailer of the GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City in Unreal Engine 5, which you can watch here: GTA San Andreas Remake: https://youtu.be/jtEBdSWdCHg GTA Vice City Remake: https://youtu.be/eVrqADI9MVk Unreal Engine 5 is Powerful Engine that going to be used to make many PS5 and Xbox Series X|S games ??* This is just a Concept (Fanmade) trailer to show the power of Unreal Engine 5 and we have no plans to release this game * Also thanks to Leartes Studio ?Created By TeaserPlay Studio? @TeaserPlay

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