SCARS ABOVE Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video

Scars Above is a challenging, immersive third-person shooter inspired by modern type action-adventure games. It takes the genre staples, such as the rewarding feeling of overcoming difficulty, and combines it with a compelling and intricate story, meticulous and lavish world design, and a living, breathing ecosystem to explore and endure. This is a game of mystery and discovery. Something strange has entered Earth's orbit; an object alien and unknowable, made out of matter that seems not to obey the laws of physics - the Metahedron. As a part of a hastily gathered group of astronauts and scientists sent off to explore it, your fate takes a jarring turn as you awaken in another world - dazed, alone on an alien planet... but determined to stay alive. Our protagonist, Kate, is not a battle-hardened soldier or super-powered assassin - but a resourceful, capable, and strong-willed individual with the will to endure any hardship. She is, first and foremost, a scientist: someone that uses their mind as a weapon -and with this weapon, Kate is determined to survive. She represents the best in humanity: our ability to overcome fear with curiosity, pain with determination, and darkness with reason.

Bilder: Koch Media

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