Scarf // Console Announcement Teaser

01.06.23 - HandyGames gibt bekannt, dass der Adventure-Plattformer Scarf (PC, Stadia) am 06.07.23 für PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 und Xbox One in Europa auf den Markt kommen wird.

Scarf ist ein Abenteuerspiel das Puzzle und 3D-Platformer Elemente vereint, und dich auf eine allegorische Reise durch wunderschöne Welten schickt. Erforsche und entdecke mit der Hilfe deines Partners, einem Schal in Drachengestalt, die Wahrheit hinter deiner Geschichte. Schalte neue Fähigkeiten frei und entdecke deine wahre Bestimmung.

Scarf // Console Announcement Teaser

Discover your true destiny as you explore beautifully crafted worlds. But you won’t have to do it alone as you can rely on the help of your trustworthy companion – a dragon-shaped scarf. However, something or someone is hiding the truth. Find out for yourself when SCARF is coming to your Xbox and PlayStation on July 6th, 2023! As soon as you are born you will meet your enchanted companion and it will be your task to help the Scarf get back home and reunite it with its mother. Follow the little souls, who stole the keys to the scarf’s home, through three colorful and magical worlds. Although beautiful, these worlds have been altered by the souls in various ways, trying to hide the keys from the scarf. They set up daring challenges and overwhelming blockades to stop you from catching up with them and stealing back the tickets to your goal. During your adventures in SCARF, you will have to solve various increasingly complex puzzles, overcome daunting obstacles and discover gorgeous new places, using interesting mechanics. Create a bond with the SCARF and unlock new abilities that will allow you to master exceedingly tricky platforming challenges. Glide, hook, and slingshot your way through this fantastical world of wonders. #Scarf #IndieGames #PuzzlePlatformer #UprisingStudios #HandyGames by http://www.handy-games.com. ▶ ________________________________________ Talk with us on our official Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/tKY8jrh Watch our Livestreams every Thursday: https://twitch.tv/handygames_official Join us on Facebook: http://www.fb.com/handygames Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/handygames Check news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/handy_games

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