Never Grave: The Witch and The Curse - Announcement Trailer

Never Grave: The Witch and The Curse - Announcement Trailer

新作『Never Grave: The Witch and The Curse』が登場!ダークファンタジーの世界で魔女と共に戦うメトロイドヴァニア×ローグライト。建築・クラフトでキャラクターを成長させ、帽子を使って敵を操り、最大4人の協力プレイでダンジョンの最深部を目指せ! ""Never Grave: The Witch and The Curse"" - Battle alongside witches in a dark fantasy Metroidvania x roguelite world. Develop your character through building and crafting, control enemies using a unique hat-based possession system, and team up with up to 4 players to delve into the deepest depths of dungeons! ▶️ Wishlist Never Grave on Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/2395770/Never_Grave_The_Witch_and_The_Curse/ #NeverGrave #Metroidvania #Roguelite #IndieGame

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