Gamedec | Nintendo Switch Release Date Trailer

Gamedec | Nintendo Switch Release Date Trailer

Detect. Discover. Deduct. Dive deep into the Cyberpunk World of Gamedec, coming to Nintendo Switch on July 1st, 2022. The game garnered multiple awards and praise for creating a level of choice and freedom similar to actual pen and paper RPGs. Gamedec is a narrative-focused, non-combat story that puts players in the shoes of a digital detective diving deep into case files spread across the digital worlds of 22nd century Warsaw City. How you respond during each case is as important as what you discover—your personality determines skills that unlock different opportunities and paths to different cases. Gamedec will release on Nintendo Switch with a 40% off discount - 17.99 EURO / USD until 21 July, 2022. After that, the game will be 29.99 USD / EURO. An additional 10% discount is also available to players who own any other Untold Tales published little on the Switch To keep up with Untold Tales and Gamedec, follow us wherever you prefer: Website - https://untoldtales.games/ Facebook - https://facebook.com/untoldtalesgames Twitter - https://twitter.com/untoldtalesHQ Discord - https://discord.gg/vy8A33V533

Bilder: Untold Tales


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