Terminal Velocity Boosted Edition - Teaser Trailer

Terminal Velocity Boosted Edition - Teaser Trailer

Originally developed in 1995 by Terminal Reality (the creators of the BloodRayne franchise, led by the former lead developer of Microsoft Flight Simulator), and published by 3D Realms (Duke Nukem), Terminal Velocity™ was critically praised for its exhilarating, high-speed action gameplay and cutting-edge graphics. Updated for modern platforms, Terminal Velocity™: Boosted Edition will include smoother gameplay, upscaled graphics, a fast framerate, and improved sound, as well as achievements and trophies — a first for the game! About Ziggurat Interactive Ziggurat Interactive is an independent developer and publisher of new and old video games. Breathing new life into titles lost to time, they restore the past, remaster classic moments and reimagine retro gaming experiences. Established in 2019, the company has published over 100 titles across multiple digital platforms. Ziggurat Interactive is the home of BloodRayne, The Boy & His Blob, Slave Zero X and more beloved titles of the past. About Terminal Reality Terminal Reality is an independent video game development company known for creating high-quality and engaging games. Established in 1994, the company has developed a variety of titles for various platforms including console, PC, and mobile. They have released critically acclaimed games such as BloodRayne, BloodRayne 2 and Ghostbusters: The Video Game, as well as their own gaming engine Infernal. The dedicated team at Terminal Reality is committed to providing players with the best gaming experience possible.

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