Dead Space | Original VS Remake | Final Graphics Comparison & Gameplay Details | Analista de Bits

Dead Space | Original VS Remake | Final Graphics Comparison & Gameplay Details | Analista de Bits

Buy games at Instant-Gaming for all platforms with discounts! https://www.instant-gaming.com/es/?igr=analistadebits Win a game a month with my Instant-Gaming contest. To participate, all you have to do is choose any game in Stock from their website: https://www.instant-gaming.com/es/giveaway/ANALISTABITS - At first glance you can see big changes thanks to the new engine: better modeling, textures, lighting, reflections, particles, volumetric effects... - The USG Ishimura looks like another one. Thanks to the new atmosphere, the redistribution of some areas and the huge amount of new elements, the original ship feels empty now. It's a masterful change. - Improved control while preserving the feel of the original game. Gunplay has improved considerably. - Necromorphs are now tougher due to the new physics and dismemberment system with a very satisfying result. - New zones, redistributed paths, zones with security keys, backtracing, new puzzles, more scares, new enemies and some more surprises. - New dialogues and scenes. - Sound with ray tracing. The sound bounces get an immersion to another level. - Loading times between zones have been eliminated or decreased. There are not so many elevators and the monorail will be faster. - Dead Space Remake is a more and better masterpiece. It is one of the best remakes I have ever tried.

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