【英語版】EGGLIA Rebirth

EGGLIA, a fantasy RPG that was released as an app for smartphones in 2017, is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch! With the warm and nostalgic world of Eglia intact, new characters, story, and various other elements have been added to power up the game! Use the dice to battle your way through the world of Egria, and take back the land that was trapped in the egg! Title:EGGLIA Rebirth Platform:Nintendo Switch Players:1 player Genre :RPG ESRB Rating :E Release date:February 10, 2022 Prices:$19.99 ■Nintendo eShop https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/egglia-rebirth-switch/ ■EGGLIA Rebirth Official Site https://egglia.brownie-games.co.jp/rebirth/en/ ■EGGLIA Official Twitter https://twitter.com/Egglia_STAFF ■Brownies Official Twitter https://twitter.com/brownie_games ©2017 EXNOA LLC/BROWNIES #EGGLIA #EGGLIARebirth

Bilder: Brownies


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