Windjammers 2 - Steve Miller & Arcade Mode reveal

Download the Steam Festival Demo for free now!! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1114290/Windjammers_2/?curator_clanid=33098302 Join the official discord channel and chat with our tubular community: https://discord.gg/hPUggdnsV3 Windjammers 2’s Arcade Mode allows superstars to conquer championships while playing solo, offering up a gauntlet of matches against AI opponents as well as optional challenges, which reward versatile competitors able to adapt their playstyles on the fly. Strong performances will earn credits, which can save players from falling out of a tournament should they ever lose a match. Arcade Mode is a great starting point for beginners and brings the world of Windjammers to life! Enjoy the return of Steve Miller, an agile power disc-flinging icon who stands as a balanced choice for newcomers and Windjammers veterans alike. Although Steve’s throws range on the weaker side of the roster, he’s agile and a natural at pulling off reversals along with tricky curved shots. Score the latest details on Windjammers 2 by checking the official site (https://www.windjammers2.com/) as well as following @Windjammers and @Dotemu on Twitter. ©PAON DP Inc. ©2021 Dotemu SAS, All rights reserved

Bilder: Dotemu

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