The Changing Face of Liberty City



by  Carpetdweller


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After I read DA GTA MASTER's Then & Now topic on GTAForums
I started taking some similar comparison photos.
These aren't great quality as they are just photographs of my TV while I have GTAIII in the PS2.
The LCS images come from various sources. Most of the latest ones came from

Liberty City Stories
Officially released images

My Screen shots

The most well known change: Luigi's Sex Club 7 was once Paulie's Revue Bar.

The bridge in Shoreside Vale. I can't quite see the Cochrane Dam in '98, but that's probably just the angle.

Rear entrance to Paulie's/Sex Club 7: The door was once blue and had a spyhole.

By the mall on Staunton Island. No changes except the Police cars.

This mafia place will be just another generic building by 2001.

Salvatore's mansion: Almost the same. Better textures. I wonder if there are anymore rooms this time.

By the Punk Noodle Bar: No real changes except the police car.

Shops on Staunton: New peds, a 2 wheeled vehicle - and can we now enter Zip?

The Triad Fish Factory. Is that the Callahan Bridge being constructed?

Atlantic Quays: Nothing new, but a good look at the younger Toni Cipriani.

A building on Staunton Island. Will it have any relevance?

Chinatown: Some change to the banners & fire escapes. Oh yeah - and a Motorcycle!

A few vehicle pics showing Rockstar's love of lens flare. Where did that tree in 8-Ball's yard suddenly come from in 2001?

Proud to be italian while riding a Freeway through St. Marks.

Pay N Spray

L-Train track, Bobcat, PCJ-600 and a crane that wasn't there in LCS.

More biker fun in Chinatown

No crates or ship at the docks. A patriot and Miguel.
(that's Misty in the GTA3 pic, I can't get Miguel to pose for me)

A yellow taxi and a cop car. Multiply them by a few thousand and it could be the real New York.

Stingers and Biker cruise past an interesting building in St. Marks.
(Looks like it's called "Oolin Rouge")

The Bikers meet by Greasy Joe's.
(actually it's called 'Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts' in LCS)

Is that a Madd Dogg poster by the soon to be demolished building?

Gas Station and Firehouse in Harwood. What's that tower for?

The whole of Staunton Island seems to have disappeared here.

The GTAIII shot is taken from the base of the Love Media Building.
I guess it's still being built in LCS.


Below left is a recent publicity shot for LCS. This doesn't look like any room featured in GTAIII.
It does look like it could be the room seen in 'The Introduction' DVD (right).

Below are 2 screens from 'The Introduction' DVD. Even though it is set in 1992 the Sex Club 7 is clearly visible. From what we know so far this club is called 'Sex Club 7' in 2001, but is known as Paulie's Revue Bar in 1998. This is an obvious continuity error unless Liberty City Stories clears this up.


The picture (below left) is one that has been floating around the LCS sites for a while. I took a comparison shot of this scene on the PS2 version of GTAIII (shown on the right) as I had with all the other images. It was later pointed out that this image is also used on many sites for the PC version of GTAIII. That is what I now believe it to be from. I only keep it here for others who have fallen for this fake too.